9pm Dear Laxmi Result

Dear Laxmi 9 pm Lottery Result Today

Download today's Nagaland state's Dear Laxmi 9:00 pm lottery result here. This is the brand new weekly lottery into the market by the Government of Nagaland state. Dear Laxmi 9 pm lottery result is available now on this website, you can check the winning numbers below. In West Bengal, Nagaland state's Dear Laxmi lottery has very attractive prizes than other lotteries. The prizes are :

  • 1st Prize 1 crore
  • Consolation Prize 9500/-
  • 2nd Prize 9000/-
  • 3rd Prize 3000/- (First 4 digits)
  • 4th Prize 2000/- (Middle 4 digits)
  • 5th Prize 1000/- (Last 4 digits)

Like other Nagaland state's lotteries, Dear Laxmi 9 pm lotteries have various names and hold the draw every day at 9 pm at Kohima. The Dear Laxmi 9 pm lotteries names are:

  • Dear Laxmi Good (Monday)
  • Dear Laxmi Nice (Tuesday)
  • Dear Laxmi Fine (Wednesday)       
  • Dear Laxmi Well (Thursday) 
  • Dear Laxmi Super (Friday) 
  • Dear Laxmi Great (Saturday)
  • Dear Laxmi Sweet (Sunday)

How to match your numbers on today's Dear Laxmi 9 pm lottery result?

We know many of you have this question, it's very difficult to match with this result right? Yes, it is because Dear Laxmi lottery is the newest one with six digits. 

We always buy 8 pm dear lotteries from the sellers and those results are totally different than Dear Laxmi 9 pm result. Ok, we are here for you to solve this problem. As we know the price of this lottery is Rs. 12/- and it has six digits excluding series numbers.

To win the 1st prize amount you have to match all the numbers with the series. Here are a bit tricky things to remember. If you got six numbers matched and not the series one then you will get consolation prizes only. After that, you need match only six numbers on 2nd prize to win the prize amount of Rs. 9000/- on each ticket.

But for the 3rd prize worth 3000/- per ticket you need to follow first 4 digits of your lottery numbers and middle 4 digits for the 4th prize.

On Dear Laxmi 9 pm lottery has also a 5th rank prizes worth Rs.1000/- per piece which is really hot. If you bought 5 pieces of lotteries then you will get at the lowest of Rs. 5000/-. To get this amount the last 4 digits of Dear Laxmi 9 pm lottery must be the same.

Dear Laxmi Lottery Draw Schedule

There was a piece of news announced by the Future trade solution of W.B that Dear Laxmi lottery draw will be held three times a day. But this is not the truth at present. The draw will be held once a day at 9 o'clock at Kohima (Nagaland). The results will be published daily here on this website so keep bookmarking us.

What is the super prize amount on Dear Laxmi 9:00 pm lottery?

Many of us have misconceptions about super prize amount on Nagaland state's Dear Laxmi 9 pm lottery. But the fact is that these prizes are for the lottery sellers and this is the great and good news for all of the lottery sellers in West Bengal. Before this lottery, the sellers are used to sell Dear morning, day and evening lotteries.
Those lotteries have also a super prize amount but on 'Dear Laxmi' lotteries have the highest one which is at the lowest of Rs. 100/- on each ticket.