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Are you trying to find Sunlott result? Then this page is for you. Get all Sunlott of Gold - 11:00 AM,1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 7:25 PM  results just in one place. This game is growing day by day and especially famous in Southern India.

SUNLOTT is an online game platform where you can earn some bucks and entertainment as well. It has four types of games that drawn four times a day. These are

GOLD 11:00 AM

GOLD 1:00 PM

GOLD 6:00 PM

GOLD 7:25 PM

So presently its time to match your numbers on today's Sun lott result which you have right now in your hand right? Don't worry below We have provided the exact and original result that drawn on by As you know provides daily Sunlott results here on this page. So keep in mind this website or you can bookmark it for further uses.

Sunlott Today Result (Tuesday)
Draw Date:  23/06/2020
Draw NO. 104


3 D Prize Rs. 27000

2 D Prize Rs. 1000

1 D Prize Rs. 100

GOLD 11:00 AM




GOLD 1:00 PM




GOLD 6:00 PM




GOLD 7:25 PM




How to play Sunlott Lottery?

How to choose the numbers and how to play sunlott? These are the two main questions face newbies when they purchase this lottery. 

We are going to solve these problems here. So be ready. Sunlott is a kind of lottery game and it has really cool concepts. It means you have the freedom to choose the numbers from.

Generally, each draws depends mainly on 3 digits. In Sunlott you have the right to choose those numbers. You will only be the reason for a winner or a loser.

After choosing the numbers you have to wait for the draw. The first draw of the day holds at 11:00 PM, the second one at 1:00 PM after that at 6:00 PM and the last one at 7:25 PM.

The interesting thing about the game is you can win money by your last (one) digit. This unique concept of Sunlott gaining popularity every day. Let's try this theory out through an example:

Suppose I bought 353 numbers for the Gold 1:00 PM draw and the result is 993. So what do you think now? lost money? 

The answer is no rather than you won a prize of rupees 100. There is only 3 digits number to choose for the draw and you can win prizes by matching your last 3 digits, 2 digits, and even last digit.

In every result, you can find the letters 3 D, 2 D, and 1 D. The Meaning of these letters are: 

3 D= three digits (If matched with the exact result, then you won the first prize of Rs.27000).
2 D= two digits (If Paired with the same result, then you won the first prize of Rs.1000).
1 D= last digit (If matched, you won a prize amount of Rs. 100).

Hope you guys understand Sunlott's concepts and its prizes. Thank you.