Goa State Rajshree Lottery ildl.in today Result

Goa State Rajshree Lottery ildl.in today Result

If you are searching for www.ildl.in today's result, you are never going to find any results because there are no such lotteries, provided by Rajshree lottery of goa state currently.

Ildl.in is the abbreviation of Indian Lottery Distribution Limited and the website of Goa state lotteries. It used to store the Goa state's Rajshree lottery sambad results, and we download the results from www.ildl.in by searching ildl.in today's result or old result on Google or other search engines.

Hi, I'm Manoj, a seller of Indian state lotteries. I'll discuss everything regarding 'www.ildl.in
today result', old results and so on in this article.

So basically, ildl.in is a website of the Rajshree lotteries and the property of Goa state lotteries. But before going further, let's go to its history.


It was the date of 06/05/2010 when M/s Summit Online Trade Solutions Private Limited appointed for the first time as a marketing agent or distributor for online/offline paper lotteries of Goa state lotteries via an agreement. At that time, it was possible to sell lotteries online.

But M/s SOTSPL designated only for sale in the Goa state. A few years later, the government of Goa state lotteries thought to give it a try in West Bengal. 

Afterwards, the date comes to establish the Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd (ildl). Till then, I was selling only Sikkim State, West Bengal, and Nagaland State Lotteries.

In 31/08/2018, M/s Summit Online Trade Solutions Private Limited selected M/s ildl, as an exclusive stockist of Goa state online/paper lotteries for marketing in West Bengal till 09/05/2019. 

After that, it built its office at 3rd-floor success Centre, 8, above the Vespa Scooter Showroom, Kolkata- 7000 17. Later ildl got down to its job. 

It created many stockists, sub-stockists, agents, and sellers to sell the lotteries. Its been confirmed by one of our stockists that, a new lottery correctly named as Rajshree lottery is coming to the market. 

I was so excited at that time because it had too many hot prizes for sellers/agents and players as well, which is mentioned below in detail.


Rajshree Lottery

Dear Lottery
Total Tickets=  50-60 Lakh

Total Tickets= 3+crore
1st Prize Amount was = 26-26.10 Lakh

1st Prize Amount was = 26-26.10
Consolation= 9500/-

Consolation= 9000/-
2nd Prize 10000/-

2nd Prize 9500/-
3rd Prize 500/-

3rd Prize 500/-
4th Prize 250/-

4th Prize 250/-
5th Prize 120/-

5th Prize 120/-

Nagaland State Dear Evening 8 p.m Today Lottery Dhankesari Result तथा Lottery Sambad Result जानने के लिए क्लिक करे ।

So finally, ILDL.IN (of course, it is a website) has been created by Rajshree lottery, a lottery under the government of Goa state lotteries to sell only in West Bengal. From there, we did download Rajshree lottery results.

Story of Myself:- হ্যাঁ বন্ধুগন, আমি একজন লটারি বিক্রেতা | আমি Dear lottery, Sikkim state, Nagaland, West Bengal state and Bumper (Morning, Day and Night) লটারি বিক্রি করি | এমনকি রাজশ্রী লটারিও বিক্রি করতাম আনন্দ এজেন্সি (আসানসোল ) থেকে | এই বিষয়ে কারও কিছু প্রশ্ন থাকলে আমাকে যোগযোগ করতে পারেন আমার Whatsapp:- 7548963400 নম্বরে

ভবিষ্যতে যেকোনো লটারি রেজাল্ট দেখতে হলে এই ওয়েবসাইট টিকে Save কিংবা Bookmark করে রাখুন, কেননা এই ওয়েবসাইট Dear Morning (11:55 a.m)Day (4:00 p.m)  এবং Night Result (8:00 p.m)  খুব তাড়াতাড়ি পাওয়া যায়

আমি পুরুলিয়া জেলার একটি গ্রামে বাস করি | 2015 সালে Graduation Complete করার পর কোনো সরকারি চাকরি না পাওয়ায় লটারি বিক্রি করতে থাকি এবং এখনও করে থাকি

আমার, আপনাদের খুব সাপোর্ট চাই | দয়া করে এই ওয়েবসাইট রোজ রেজাল্ট দেখুন | আশা করি আমি সঠিক তথ্য দিয়ে বোঝাতে পেরেছি | ধন্যবাদ |

में देख रहा हूँ की www.ildl.in को लेकर बहत सारे गलत information दिया हुआ है जो की इस आर्टिकल में आप सब लोगो का संदेह स्पष्ट हो जायेगा एबं सारे सबाल का भी जवाब मील जायेगा | Ok let us go.

Rajshree Lottery (Ildl.in) a New Lottery into the Market


On background, it's all set now. It's time to come into the West Bengal's lottery market and found there is a lottery king, called 'Dear Lottery' ruling the market. 

So, Rajshree lottery wanted to grow its business with 'Dear Lottery' through an agreement for the first time. But these all efforts went in vain. Ildl.in of Goa state lotteries learned that it's not so easy to established a lottery business in W.B as they thought. 

After all failure strategies, Goa state Rajshree lottery on the hand ildl.in decided to develop the business independently and politely.

Hence a new marketing strategy has begun. Rajshree lottery started to invest money in advertising on the local newspapers. For the first time, I found a piece of news on 'Anandabazar Patrika' at that time.

They are hiring sellers, agents, stockists, and sub-stockists on every local newspaper in West Bengal. I placed a phone call to ildl to know it better in detail and its features. 

As I said earlier, I was selling lotteries, and they put my call to the senior to discuss more with me (because I am a lottery seller and it was an advantage for Rajshree lottery company). 

I know many of you, mainly those who belong to West Bengal, have seen this news or might be placed a call to them. Hereafter, Goa state Rajshree lottery contrariwise ildl.in finally did partially grab the market place to get into it.

Introduction of www.ildl.in (a website to find today Rajshree lottery sambad and old results)


The first time I have ever searched www.ildl.in today result morning on Google, and then it comes on that first page. 

It was so clean and bright, anyone even a very illiterate person could download the results.  The real things about ildl.in is a cool designed webpage and easy to understand rather than Goa state's official website. 

So here, this is the first-ever the result provided by the www.ildl.in on behalf of Rajshree lottery today's result section on the site. 

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www.ildl.in Today Result | Goa State Rajshree Lottery Sambad Online Results
www.ildl.in Today Result | Goa State Rajshree Lottery Sambad Online Results

Thus ildl.in has been introduced to the market as a website to get Rajshree lottery results by the state government of Goa. BUT but but...

Politics started to stop selling Rajshree lotteries (ildl) in West Bengal.

I think it was 28th September in the year of 2018, and I went to buy the Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd's (ildl) Rajshree lottery to one of my nearest 'dear lottery agency' to sell in the market as I always do. But the reply was so horrible from the agency (Dear lottery).

They said, what are you looking for? Do you know what kind of Rajshree lottery is? It's a scam, don't try to sell those lotteries because you are never going to be paid ever. I thought ok, it might be (because it was a new lottery to the market). 

Very next Monday, I went again to another lottery agency at that time to know it very deeply. I was so curious to sell Rajshree lotteries because it had higher commissions for the sellers as well as the customers. 

And all the truth came out from the Dear lottery agency (which I visited next time), though it was a stockist.

One of the members of that stockist said if any agency or seller sells Rajshree lotteries, "Dear lottery company" will ban him from selling dear lotteries. 

That was the reason every dear lottery agency was not keeping the newborn Rajshree lotteries. All the 'dear lottery' Mafia warned them not to sell any lotteries other than the ruling lotteries. 

And no one wants to be banned from earning colossal money because of the dear lottery was the first choice among the customers, and the sales were huge. 

It was a tough time for ildl (Rajshree lottery), but the advertisement strategy worked for them. Many business owners contact ildl to get stockistships, as Rajshree lotteries were doing a campaign for stockistships individually. 

Goa state's Rajshree lottery built stockists in every district in West Bengal. You can even today apply for that, but wait nothing will work for you at present because the ILDL's Rajshree lottery is out of the market now. With these strategies and luck, ILDL overcome this situation finally. 

Goa state's Rajshree lottery and www.ildl.in ultimately available in the market

Throughout the journey finally, Rajshree lottery launched seven weekly lotteries, and each lottery has been categorized into three parts. 

Morning, Day, and Night. On Monday morning, on 24th September 2018, Rajshree Ganga has been held as a first draw at 11:55 a.m., and consequently, we search www.ildl.in today result for the morning, day, and night results. Henceforth, Goa state lotteries originated many bumpers lotteries. 

Here are all the details of Rajshree Weekly lotteries and the results which were available at www.ildl.in given in this chart as an infographic style.

www.ildl.in Today Result | Goa State Rajshree Lottery Sambad
www.ildl.in Today Result | Goa State Rajshree Lottery Sambad 

www.ildl.in Today Result and Old Results was a nightmare

 The website www.ildl.in for the past and today result was a dream. This website was created on 2018-08-01, time:- 09:26:03 and maybe will expire in 2021-08-01, time:- 09:26:03. 

Though www.ildl.in has expired for us at present because there are no such results found. But between 2018 to 2019, it was (Rajshree lottery) a fantasy among the sellers and buyers. As we see a dream for a limited period similarly, www.ildl.in came for a short time. 

But when it came into the business, it stirred the market and created a history. At that time, sellers commissions went higher from both "Dear lottery" and "Rajshree lottery." But Goa state Rajshree Lottery was unique and nonpareil. 

It started with a very low quantity lotteries like 50-60 lakh with the initial prize amount of 26 - 26.10 lakh unlikely Dear lottery was having 3+ crore tickets at the same first prize amount. 

I was getting 70 rupees per 5th prize-winning ticket as a commission in Rajshree, on the other hand, 10 rupees per 5th prize-winning 'dear' lottery. So Rajshreelottery was a win-win situation for both of You and Me.

But the politics ruined the Goa state Rajshree lotteries and www.ildl.in as well. "www.ildl.in today result," "Old result," and "Rajshree lottery result" remains as a nightmare.

Impact of Goa State Rajshree Lottery and ildl 

It was not so easy to achieve fame among the lottery players and sellers in West Bengal. But ILDL and Rajshree lottery made it straightforward. It was the Goa state Rajshree lottery sambad result and ildl.in who gave 70 rupees as a commission for the last prize-winning ticket. 

It was a decent amount of money to earn. As a lottery seller, selling lotteries is my only way to fulfil our (family) expenses.

The main impact was laid upon us by coming Rajshree lottery and ildl as we the lottery sellers got a lesson; "there is no future in selling state lotteries." But there is nothing to do for us like sellers.


Many of you are still searching for ildl.in today results, old results, but have you ever been able to download any result after 01/11/2019?

Hell, no. 

Below here the last result link is given which was uploaded to www.ildl.in on 31/10/2019. Goa State Rajshree lottery came into the lottery market of West Bengal and shocked everyone with the considerable prize money. 

(Download the last result of ildl.in here.)

But the former lottery Mafias did not want to get kicked on their stomach, and that's why the Mafias never did an agreement with Rajshree lottery. And thus, Goa state lottery and www.ildl.in collapsed due to weak market support. 

But the owner of 'Anand Agency' told me that it would come again into this market with a solid background and new unbeatable strategies. It has been heard that Goa State Lottery will arrive this time with the collaboration between Mizoram and Manipur.

Final words:-

From my point of view, as a lottery seller, there must be a rival against 'Dear lottery.' Because they are sucking the customers day by day and the sellers as well. You know where there is no opponent, there is no advantage you will get. I pray for coming of  Goa State Rajashree Lottery and www.ildl.in again in West Bengal.