Dhankesari Lottery Sambad Today 8 p.m Nagaland State Lottery Result.

Download Nagaland state lottery 8 p.m. evening today (22.03.2020) Dhankesari (धनकेसरी) result here on this website. statelottery.in publishes daily Morning (11:55 a.m.), Day (4 p.m.), and Evening (8 p.m.) lottery sambad (লটারি সংবাদ ) results. 

Dhankesari today result and Lottery Sambad are the same terms that provide daily online Nagaland state 'Dear' lottery 8 p.m. night sambad results, and the great thing is it is available on this website. 

These lotteries called 'Dear lottery' because of Nagaland state lottery defined each lottery starting from the name 'Dear.' We discussed all the Dear Lotteries in detail below. 

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Dhankesari and Nagaland State 8 p.m. lottery is the leading lottery in India. As a seller, I mostly sell night lotteries because the players preferred it.

The most people of West Bengal used to buy Nagaland lotteries, and when 8 p.m. comes, every lottery players ( even me- হ্যাঁ, আমিও | কারণ আমি লটারী বিক্রি করি| ) search for the results. 

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Dhankesari, Dhankeshari, Dhankesari.com, Lottary, Lotary sambad, Latari Results, Today Dhankesari resultLottery Sambad, lotterysambad.com, etc. these all terms generally searched by the lottery buyers and players in West Bengal. But the funny thing is that these are all the same and of course the results as well.

But don't worry, You are 100% on the right website to download today's lottery result. Below we have provided evening today Nagaland state lottery night (8 p.m.) result; you can see and download.

नीचे Download link दिया गया है 
Nagaland State Lottery Today 8 p.m Result
Nagaland State Lottery Today 8 p.m Result.

Today's Nagaland state lottery evening draw held as per the lottery scheme in public at Kohima by the government in the presence of judges appointed by the government of Nagaland. Today's Nagaland state lotteries' price is six rupees per ticket. 

It has six kinds of prizes, including the consolation prize. All the lottery players are now requested to please match the draw number, draw date, and the lottery name before matching your lottery on today's result. 

Today's printed tickets were 6.40 crore in total for sale with the series of ABCDEGHJKL, and the numbering from 36 to 99. 

The first lottery number was started with the serial no. of 00000 to the last of 999999.

Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari
Today’s Result Details

Lottery Name
Dear Hawk Evening
Draw Number
Day of Draw
Result Date
Result Time
Evening 8 P.M
Result Situation
1st prize Amount
1 crore
Official Site

Nagaland State Today Dhankesari Lottery Sambad History

Dhankesri and Lottery Sambad, these two websites that usually provide lottery results primarily Nagaland state lotteries 8 p.m result, Sikkim state lotteries (11:55 a.m and 4 p.m) result, and West Bengal state lotteries result. 

In 2010-2013 state lotteries were not popular in West Bengal, but from 2014 it was going like viral. Hereafter, Dhankesari, and Lottery Sambad were created in 2014 to see the lottery results online. 

Until these websites, the participants used to match the lottery results on local newspapers like 'Ananda Bazar Patrika.' Dhankesari.com (13:37:05 on 9/10/2014) for dhankesari lottery results and lotterysambad.com (13:37:08 in 9/10/2014) for lottery sambad results were first time registered and launched online in 2014. 

After that, we always see the lottery results on these websites. But don't worry, you can view and download every lottery winning numbers chart or lottery results on this website as well.

The Popularity of Dhankesari and Lotterysambad in 2020 

In India, online lottery (In terms of selling, promoting and buying) is strictly banned. However, there are 13 states which have official permission to deal with paper lotteries offline. 

These are as follows West Bengal, Manipur, Kerala, Meghalaya, Assam, Goa, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Nagaland state. 

But the Dhankesari.com and lotterysambad.com are the highest searchable websites by the lottery players among all those states. According to official data, there are 100 million lotteries sold every day in West Bengal. You can now understand how popular this is. 

अब आगे जाने से पहले मैं आपको एक बात बता दूं जो हमारे लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। मैंने Dhankesari Lottery Results और Lottery Sambad के बारे में इंटरनेट पर बहुत गलत जानकारी देखी है। 

और मुझे लगता है कि गलत जानकारी हमारे लिए हानिकारक है क्योंकि एक लॉटरी विक्रेता के रूप में, मुझे आपको सच्चाई बतानी चाहिए। 

मैंने देखा है कि कई वेबसाइटें गलत पुरस्कार विवरण दे रही हैं, पुरस्कार का दावा करने के लिए कोई विस्तृत कदम नहीं है, और भी बहत कुछ है| 

लेकिन इस Website में आपको सभी जानकारी मिल जाएगी |

Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari Provide Three Types of Lottery Results

| MORNING 11:55 a.m Results |
| DAY 4:00 p.m Results |
| EVENING 8 p.m Results |

দেখুন কিভাবে Kerala State Lottery খেলা হয় |

Nagaland State Evening 8 p.m Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari Result's Table

Lottery Name

Draw Days
Dear Flamingo Evening
Dear Parrot Evening
Dear Eagle Evening
Dear Falcon Evening
Dear Vulture Evening
Dear Ostrich Evening
Dear Hawk Evening

These are the Nagaland state lotteries that draw held each day at 8 p.m in Kohima. Each of the above lotteries has specific prize amounts for every winner.

Here statelottery.in have given all Nagaland state lotteries prize details on a table below.

Nagaland State Lotteries' Prize Structure

Dear Flamingo Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Each Monday, it holds the draw.

Dear Parrot Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Its draw date is every Tuesday.

Dear Eagle Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Each Wednesday, it holds the draw.

Dear Falcon Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Thursday is the draw date of this lottery.

Dear Vulture Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Draw date = Friday.

Dear Ostrich Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-
Draw date = Saturday.

Dear Hawk Evening

1st Prize = 1 crore
Consolation Prize = 1000/-
2nd Prize = 9000/-
3rd Prize = 500/-
4th Prize = 250/-
5th Prize= 120/-

Each Sunday, it holds the draw.

Many of you want to know the commission or bonus structures that we (sellers) earn from Nagaland state lotteries, the results provided by the Dhankesari, and Lottery Sambad. So don't worry, I'll explain everything as I promised. 

So basically, it depends on the number of prizes. There are five types of main prizes and a consolation prize of Rs: 1000/-. For example, you bought a ticket from me, and the number is 54A 65523. 

Firstly let's explain this lottery number (54A 65523) that you bought from me. Here the starting number '54A' is called a series of the lottery.

Ok, clear?

After that, the number '6' is named in terms of 'back,' '55' is 'Middle,' and the rest (23) are regular numbers. 

Remember, Nagaland state lotteries always have eight digits, and you can play till the last four digits of the lottery. For instance, '5523' here.

So, if your whole lottery number (8 digits) got matched; You are only the jackpot winner among the millions. 

Now suppose you missed the 'series' and matched only the last five numbers of the ticket. It's called a consolation prize. But there is a twist here. 

I mean, you can play two times with your last five digits, first for consolation, and the second chance is for '2nd prize' (I've explained the prize structure of each Nagaland lottery above).

Now think if you got matched the last four digits of your lottery number, then also you are a winner. 

Just you have to see on which the number of prizes is your lottery got matched as there are five main prizes on every lottery of Lottery Sambad or Dhankesari's result (Primarily, these are the websites which provide lottery results).

There are three prizes to be matched with the last four digits of Nagaland state lotteries.

If your number met in the fourth prize section, you would get 250 rupees per ticket, and I will receive (agent/seller) 30 rupees per matched winning numbers. 

To know it better, you can follow the table below.


No of
(in Rs.)








I think your doubts regarding Dhankesari today result, and Lottery Sambad results are clear now if you have any, then let statelottery.in know in the comment box.

By the way, if you are new to this field may face some problems. So I've covered two questions here which I think will be helpful to you.

How to play Nagaland state Night (8 p.m) lotteries?

If you belong to West Bengal, then you are eligible to play; otherwise, you can't. You have to buy these lotteries through a local shop or agent within West Bengal. 

Each ticket costs six rupees. There is a term called 'sem'(let me know the pronunciation is correct or not) like five sem, 25 sem, etc. The starting 'sem' of the Nagaland state's night lottery is five, and there six types of 'sem' available. These are as follows:

Five sem (starting)
Ten sem
25 sem
50 sem
100 sem
200 sem ( End ).

Note:- These are not stable, The Government/Company revises it so frequently.

It means if you are going to buy fifty sem, it will cost Rs: 300, similarly 600 rupees for 100 sem. Remember, each ticket's price is rupees 6/-. Here 50 sem means the same lottery numbers multiply with fifty times and for five sem ticket, multiply it with five times.

After buying any sem lottery, you have to wait till 8 p.m to get Dhankesari or Lottery Sambad's result that is available on this website. When the result comes, you need to see that to find your numbers got matched or not. It's as easy as that.

Now suppose you won a lottery, what will be the steps to claim it. I know, freshers will face problems with the questions like that. Ok, don't bother, it's not hard. 

But you have to keep in your mind that, if you won 10000/- or below, you'd get cash from any lottery seller within West Bengal. For higher amounts, go below where I've covered all the steps to claim your prize.

How can you see  Dhankesari and Lottery Sambad live results?

To see the live coverage, you have to go Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari's website, and you will see the Live draw section on the main menu bar. 

From there, you can find Morning, Day, and Evening live-telecast at a specific time. You can get live lottery results here on this website also.

How to Download  Today Dhankesari Result and Lottery Sambad today 11:55 a.m, 4:00 p.m., and Night 8 p.m Result?

There are many websites available on the internet, but most of them are full of wrong information. So, as a lottery seller, I recommend to save or bookmark statelottery.in and here you can download all Dhankesari and Lottery Sambad results. 

The owner of this website is from West Bengal, which means every inch of updates you will get only from here. 

To download every dear lottery (Morning 11:55 a.m result, 4:00 p.m result and Evening 8 p.m result) results from statelottery.in, type it on Google and you will see the image of Nagaland state lottery result

Just click on that image, and you will be able to find or download the lottery result.

আপনি কি রোজ লটারি কেনেন But ভালো কোনো পুরস্কার পাননা? তাহলে আমাদের এই পৃষ্ঠা টি অবশ্যই পড়ুন |

How to claim your lottery prize

  1. Download this claim form.
  2. Fill all the blanks.
  3. Paste your new photograph with attested by a gazetted officer.
  4. When the form is filled up, enclose these papers with it.
  • An affidavit
  • One copy of PAN card and ID proof
  • Four Passport sized Photographs.
  • And one copy of your bank account's cancelled cheque leaf. 
Are you all done? Now send it to the-

The Director / Nodal Officer,
Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries,
121, Jessore Road South Michael Nagar,
Madhyam Gram, Near National Model High School,
Kolkata – 700133, West Bengal

Important:- You have to keep the winning ticket safe means do not do any harm like fold, torn or mutilated; otherwise, you will lose your money.

Nagaland state sambad lotteries' essential tips to know

  1. The issue of the tickets is subject to Nagaland State Lottery regulation rules. 
  2. There will be one draw, and the cost of each ticket includes fees for the right of participation in the draw and contribution towards the prize fund. 
  3. All claims for prizes above 10000 rupees shall be submitted to the Director Government of Nagaland or Nodal Officer in respective States within 30 days from the draw date. 
  4. To claim your winning amounts must fill the forms in the prescribed format.
  5. Attach original prize-winning tickets duly signed by the prize winner and other documents for payment within 60 days.
  6. Any claim after that cannot be entertained.
  7. One ticket is eligible for only one prize.
  8. The sellers must check the correctness of the printing and numbering of tickets before selling. If any found, change it immediately.
  9. Income tax shall be deducted as per provision of the income tax act.
  10. The Nagaland state lottery ticket is not for sale in the state where marketing of lottery is prohibited.

I've seen many lottery buyers, and seller misspelt when they seek lottery results online. 

One of my friend, who is also a seller, was searching the result by the term of 'dhankeshari today result' instead of 'Dhankesari or Lottery Sambad today result'. 

It was a fun moment for me. So basically I want to say, there are so many misspelt done by us which we don't mind it. 

But to learn anything correctly, you have to keep focused on that. Here I'm going to mention all possible misspelt terms that occurred while searching or typing.

  • Lottori Sambad
  • Dhankesri tuday ressalt
  • nite result
  • Latari sangbad
  • lotari result
  • lottery sambandh
  • ticket sambad risalt
  • aajkal lottery sambad
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  • aaj ka lottery result
  • rajya lottery 
  • lotri result
  • lottery sambad 11 tarik
  • google lottery sambad
  • aaj raat atta lottery sambad
  • aajker morning result
  • lottery sambad paper
  • dhan kesari today result
  • the sambad


Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari result, indeed a substantial searchable content over the internet. Most of the West Bengalis love to play lotteries. 

As the survey unveiled that W.B is a giant lottery selling state in India. But statelottery.in never recommends buying any lottery through offline or online; it depends on you. 

Moreover, if you are fondly buying Nagaland state lotteries or Morning (11:55 a.m), Day (4:00 p.m), and Evening lotteries (8 p.m) don't forget to bookmark this website. 

Dhankesari Results और Lottery Sambad Results के परिणाम जानने के लिए statelottery.in भारत की सबसे अच्छी वेबसाइट है।

Final Words for Nagaland State Lotteries and Dhankesari Lottery Sambad.

No doubt, Nagaland state lottery is the king and invincible in the lottery industry in West Bengal. It's doing its business for many decades. 

Thousands of Bengalis are feeding up by selling lotteries, including Nagaland lotteries.

Dhankesari.com and lotterysambad.com are not the original websites of Nagaland state lottery. The official website is nagalandlotteries.com.