How To Win Lottery | Five Reasons You Never Won Lottery Prizes.

How to win a state lottery
How to win a state lottery

You never buy bulk lotteries

We are always cheap at spending money on something. But remember every government of state lotteries never pays prize money from their home.

As a lottery seller or agent, I have about nine years of experience in this field
So far as I gained knowledge, they pay money according to sales status. That is why weekly lotteries never depend on luck-I belief.

It does not mean that you never win prize money on a single lottery. But the fact is that you will don't have higher possibilities to win money.

So whenever you wish to buy lottery next time, buy in bulk. Many of us will say now that we don't have that much money to purchase lotteries!

The answer is that when you don't have money to buy, then why are you playing? Leave that as soon as possible.

No Survey or Research

This is of the main reason to lose money. Before buying the lottery, you need significant research about how the numbers are played and placed. But we don't use to do this, and that's the reason you lose your money.

It's not easy to do, though. You need more and more concentration, skill and excellent execution (Here you can read our daily Kerala lottery prediction to choose from before buying a lottery)

To do research, you have to follow a monthly chart to create your guessing numbers.
In the chart, you need to see the repeated numbers, omitted numbers, blocked numbers, numbers formula, and so on.

But how to do this, I know this question is roaming around your mind, right? 

Ticket bought from an unlucky agent/agency/seller.

Yes, you read it correctly. Have you been ever wanted to know that you buy a ticket from a lucky or unlucky agent? 
In reality, it matters. Here one question may be popping up into your mind that earlier I said weekly lotteries do not depend on luck.

 Yes, again, I am saying it is true. Let's go deep into this matter. So, for example, I am a lottery seller/agent, but why will I sell lotteries?

 Of course, for money and where money will come from? 

It will come from lotteries that I sell as a Commission.

Here how can I get paid as a Commission to earn money?

By selling winning tickets mean, I will get paid only if my sold lotteries win or match with the result.

So to earn a commission (definitely I need because this is the only way to make), I have to sell lottery numbers that have a bigger chance to be drawn. But how will I do that?

Definitely by following some formula, survey and researches.

It means whenever you will go to buy lotteries check the prize result of the agent/seller.
See how many times his or her tickets got prizes.

The more his/her tickets got prizes, the higher you will have a chance to win.

Always looking for a big prize. 

We buy lotteries to get money. But how much?

Here is the wrong decision every time taken by us. Don't run behind the first prize in the lottery. It's only one person, and one ticket can get this money from crore.

If you do so, you will never be able to buy a lottery anymore. Look always for a lower prizes amount such as 3rd 4th 5th because it's easy to guess rather than the first prize and yes it has fewer numbers.

You bought the wrong lottery. 

You used to buy lotteries but never wanted to know its background. That's why you must follow the results chart before buying it.

Hereafter check all weekly lotteries that have low printed or low quantity in total for sale. Always by those lotteries that have low printed tickets and drawn on holidays.

For instance, Sunday, because of a vast amount of lotteries sold in every holiday.
The government gets a decent profit on those days and never hesitates to give a considerable amount of prizes.

As a seller, I always do research about which numbers I should sell to earn a commission. It still works for me.

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