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Like me/us each day, you used to buy a lottery to be rich overnight or to test your luck. 

Kerala state lottery, oh! Yeah- "God's own country" has much more attractive prizes than any other state lotteries. As a result, Kerala state sold over 79 million lotteries every week.

But now it's time to see your lottery result which you bought from a local shop. As you know Kerala state government has seven weekly lotteries such as Pournami, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, and Nirmal Weekly Lottery. 

These Kerala lotteries are bought by the buyers and spend money to win the jackpot. Below there is your Kerala lottery chart 2020 to check every day's Kerala lottery result.

Kerala Lottery Result
Kerala Lottery Result


Kerala state lottery is well known for its draw procedure. Since its establishment, the Kerala lottery always attracted people to take part in this field. 

It helped to create many Millionaire around the state, many got rich overnight through it. A lottery game is a type of gambling. 

It knows two languages win or loss. To win a lottery, you need better luck and of course a great skill to choose the right number. 

If you go through your destiny, you may lose a considerable amount of money. But apart from this, there is a way to win money from a lottery that is called skill. 

Before buying a lottery, it's so easy to listen but not simple to do so. Here our experts come into the vital role. 

We/our experts predict daily Kerala lottery guessing numbers you can check.

Let you remember before buying a lottery, don't forget to see the date, name of the lottery. Verify the lottery at first, then you can buy it. 

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Beside seven weekly lotteries, Kerala state government has six more annual bumper lotteries likely Summer bumper, Monsoon bumper, Vishu Bumper, Pooja bumper, Thiruvonam bumper, and X' mas-new year bumper.


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But before going further let me tell you something about Kerala state lottery which will help you to gain some knowledge of:-
  • Kerala lottery was the first government lottery which established for the first time around the country in 1967 by the government of Kerala under the finance minister of Kerala state late P. K Kunju Sahib.
  • This idea came from our Honourable finance minister late P.K Kunju to give some financial support to the citizens of Kerala who suffers from cancer kidney and heart disease but believe it worked. Therefore, it still doing it.
  • Do you know why 'Karunya Lottery' has the most first prize amount among the others (Though it changes frequently)?
Answer:-Well, this is the suspension for all of you, we will update this page after showing your support to us, if you have anything regarding this then let me know through a comment below or by contacting us page.
  •     Kerala lottery was the inventor of government lottery in India because soon many states came into this business to grow their funds, but Kerala lottery still remains nonpareil.
  •     Kerala lotteries, especially Karunya lottery, have helped more than 27000 citizens of Kerala who suffered from severe diseases like cancer, etc. Thanks a lot, Mr P.K Kunju Sahib, may you live in heaven and bless us as you always did.
  •     Do you know Kerala state lotteries had not made any loss since its Foundation!!! According to Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries, in 2018-19 the profit was rupees 1673 crore.

Details of Kerala state weekly lotteries

Directorate of Kerala State Lottery periodically reconsiders the Prize amount, ticket price, agent Commission.
As stated by the Directorate of Kerala State Lottery the 1st prize lottery winner can bring home 63% of the 1st prize amount. For example, if someone got the 1st prize of Rupees 1 core, he/she will get 63 lakh. While an agent/agency will get a 10% commission of the 1st prize amount, the income tax should move up to 30% of the prize money.


Every Sunday Kerala state lottery department hold "Pournami weekly lottery" draw. The price of a single Pournami ticket is rupees 40. Its draw code is "RN." 

Till Pournami RN 431 draw, the 1st prize amount was 7000000/-. Later on from RN 432 draw, it revised at rupees 8000000/- with the consolation prize of 8000/-. 

Directorate of Kerala State Lottery changes the lottery structure frequently. The 1st prize seller/agent of Pournami lottery can get a commission of rupees 800000/-.


Kerala State Lottery "Win-Win" takes place every Monday. Its draw code is "W." After 'W 553' draw, the 1st prize money of The 'Win-Win' lottery is reconsidered as 7500000/- rupees. The single ticket price of the win-win lottery is rupees 40. 

Each draw of Win-Win lottery held at Gorky Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram. You can see all Kerala State Lottery live results on
The seller/agent will get 10% of the prize money as a 1st prize commission.

Sthree Sakthi

The director of Kerala lotteries made "Sthree Sakthi" lottery to dedicate the whole female power. Whoever bought this lottery means that the participants respect feminine energy as it feels us by its name. 

The draw takes place every Tuesday with the draw code of "SS." Kerala lottery Sthree Sakthi had the 1st prize amount of rupees 70 lacs till its SS 198 draw. 

From the draw no SS 199, the 1st  amount has been changed into RS: 75 lacs. The agent/seller's 1st prize commission remains at 10% of the prize amount. The single ticket price of Sthree Sakthi is rupees 40.


Kerala State Lottery Akshaya has the first prize money of rupees 70 lacs after its 435 draws. "AK" is the draw code of the Akshaya lottery. Likely other Kerala state lotteries Akshaya lottery has attractive prizes. The single ticket of Akshaya lottery costs rupees 40. Every Wednesday, the Akshaya lottery has been drawn since.

Karunya plus

Kerala lottery Karunya Plus is one of the best selling lotteries around the state. It comes with the 1st prize of rupees 80 lacs and the consolation prize of rupees 8000/-. Its draw code is known as "KR." Every Thursday Karunya plus hold the draw, the price of a single Karunya plus lottery costs rupees 40. As a 10% commission, the 1st prize-winning lottery seller will get 8 lakh.

Nirmal Weekly

Like other Kerala state lotteries, Nirmal weekly lottery has its own prizes and draw structures equally. Kerala lottery Nirmal brings the 1st prize of rupees 70 lacs. It has 8 kinds of lottery prizes, including the consolation prize of rupees 8000/-. 

"NR" is the draw code of the Nirmal weekly lottery.  Every Friday Nirmal weekly lottery holds the draw. It costs rupees 40 per single lottery. Agent/seller can get a 10% of the 1st prize amount as a 1st prize commission.


The" Karunya lottery" is the best selling lottery among all Kerala state lotteries. It exhibits identity by its name. Probably that's the reason people are fond of buying the Karunya lottery. 

By participating in the Karunya lottery, the people of Kerala are not only doing good, but they are donating money to the poor. As the data revealed by the Directorate of Kerala state lottery Karunya lottery has a fund to help seriously ill people of Kerala state.

Karunya lottery had a considerable amount of 1st prize of rupees 1 crore till its 437th draw. The draw code of the Karunya lottery is "KR." 

Since its 438th draw, the 1st Prize amount comes down to 80 lacs with the single ticket price of rupees 40. The agent/seller could get 10% of the 1st prize amount as the highest prize commission.

Disclaimer: The Directorate of Kerala state lotteries regularly changes the cost of the lotteries, prize amount, and so on. The viewers are requested to please visit the official website for more information.

By the way, you can find all the Kerala lottery results here on our website. If you are facing problems to win money, you can see our lottery predictions as our experts give daily Kerala lottery guessing numbers.